Quioccasin Children's Church

The Ouioccasin Children’s Church ministry is designed for children age 5 to 8, and helps them develop an understand of church worship and Christian faith. It builds a bridge for their eventual full participation in regular congregational worship. Experiences balance worship and biblical lessons, using Bible verses, biblical stories, music, drama, poetry, arts and crafts, audio and visual media, and prayer.

Children attend the congregational worship services until a selected time, usually before the sermon, and then go to a self-contained multi-purpose room within the main sanctuary for Children’s Church.After Children's Church, they return to the congregational worship services during the Invitational Period.

On special days, children remain in the congregational worship services. We believe it is important for children to occasionally participate in the full congregational worship services. As a result, they have an opportunity to observe their parents and other adults in worship.

Children’s Church experiences will include four core components: Worship, Active Participation, Need-Oriented Emphasis, and Bible Basis.

We invite you to allow your children to participate in this valuable experience each Sunday morning.

Visit Quioccasin Basptist Church at:

9011 Quioccasin Road, Richmond, Virginia 23229
804 741-2313 (office), 804 741-1501 (fax)
QBC@quioccasin.org (email)