QBC Choral Ensemble: An Historial Sketch!

The Choral Ensemble grew out of a request in 1971 by Mrs. Johnnie M. Fleming to organize a woman’s choir to provide music for a Women’s Day service for which she was the speaker. The music was so well received that the decision was made to keep this group as a permanent part of the Music Department of Quioccasin. Initially, the group was called the “Women’s Choral Ensemble”. Men became a part of the group in 1978 and the name was changed to the Quioccasin Choral Ensemble.

Since their inception, the Choral Ensemble has been blessed by ministering to the people with a wide variety of music. The goals of ministering and providing meaningful worship for members of Quioccasin and the community have been enhanced by the talents of the musicians and directors, both past and present, with whom God has blessed us.

1972-1978 Mable Jefferson
Euince Travers
1978 Fred Bowers Director/Musician
1978-1979 Barbara McCloud Directress/Musician
1979 Carolyn Hilton Directress/Musician
1979-1981 Harold Lilly Director/Musician
1982-1983 Warren Cobbs Director/Musician
1983-1985 Harold Lilly Director/Musician
1985-1986 Juana Thompson Directress/Musician
1987-1992 Willie McWhite Director/Musician
1992-Present Angela M. Mosley Directress/Musician

The Choral Ensemble is thankful and blessed that the Lord has allowed the choir to celebrate another year of worship and service to Him. Let all of us pray that this ministry will continue in unity.

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