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On October 14, 1963, the congregation under the direction of church's sixth pastor, Rev. Murphy Peterson, called a special church meeting to receive a presentation about a Building and Expansion Program.

The building was to include a nursery, kitchen with dining area, gymnasium with stage, class rooms, swimming pool and adequate office and storage space. After listening to the pastor's presentation, the members voted and accepted the Building and Expansion Program. Therefore, on October 27, 1963 the following members were appointed as the Planning Committee to bring to the church for approval, detail construction plans: Mrs. Leola Brooks, Miss Vaudine Byrd, Mrs. Mary McDaniel, Mrs. Sally Jackson, Mr. Frank Lomax, Mr. Willis Norrell, Mr. Samuel Scott, Mr. Oscar Talley, Mr. James Wade, Mr. Robert Young, Mrs. Ocie Z. Walker, and the pastor (ex-officio).

After years of prayer and inspiration from God, under the direction of the church's eighth pastor, Rev. Andrew M. Mosley, Jr., a new multiple purpose building was erected. The building will be used as a "Tool for Ministry."

On Saturday, August 21, 2004, the congregation held a prayer breakfast in the main sanctuary. The breakfast was sponsored by Pastor Mosley and family members (Mrs. Mosley and daughter Angela). Following the breakfast, the congregation walked over to the new multiple purpose building, a tool for ministry, to hold a special prayer service. The pictures presented here provides a snapshop of the people that attended and participated in the prayer breakfast.  

This "Tool for Ministry" will provide the congregation a venue for expanding worship, Christian Education programs, lectures, recreation, and community outreach. The church is excited about this milestone!