A Perspective on Christian Education at Quiocassin Baptist Church

Christian Education has been a integral function of Quioccasin Baptist Church for many years. Reverend Dr. George Ambrose, Sr. established the first vacation Bible school with more than 100 attendees in 1952. Sunday schools met each Sunday at Quioccasin and in satellite location in community halls. Rev. Ambrose is credited with centralizing the Sunday Schools to meet at the church.

Dr. Grady W. Powell emphasized youth participation and fellowship with the local association, Sunday school union, and the Baptist General Convention of Virginia. The Baptist Young People’s Training Union met each Sunday to prepare and instruct young Christians in the history, disciplines and doctrines of the church. Christian Education training included literacy recitations, music, panel discussions, skits and talent presentations.

The first Board of Christian Education was implemented in 1966 under the pastorate of the Reverend Murphy H. Peterson, Sr. The thematic statement “Physical Fitness Essential to Christian Growth and Service” was stressed for all outdoors activities to enhance the ministry. A full-scale state of the art outdoor recreational area was developed to include the following: table tennis, basketball court, jungle bars, merry-go-round, swings, badminton, volley ball, and horseshoe equipment. Quioccasin continues to maintain a competitive baseball team. Throughout the years, Quioccasin has maintained a very active scouting program for boys and girls.

Reverend Joe B. Fleming reinstated the Board of Christian Education with emphasis on activities for an age-span ministry. An extensive tutorial program was established, which formed a partnership between the school, parents, students and the church. The Summer Day Camp and senior citizens ministry was also started. During this perios, Quioccasin was involved in the metro ecumenical ministry ‘FISH” (For Immediate Sympathetic Help) that included participation form the youth and adult. During Revernd Fleming’s administration one of our youth attended the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. This was the first time that a youth from Quioccasin had attended that convention. Additionally, the church successfully moved from single staff to multi-staff office personnel. This was a period when there was also a strong emphasis on social-concerns.

Christian Education continues to advance under the direction of the Reverend Dr. Andrew M. Mosley, Jr. To be more reflective of the church’s mission all boards were renamed commissions. The various commissions are: Stewardship, Evangelism, Education, Social Ministry, and Finance. Based on the Quioccasin membership demographics, ten per cent of the congregation is comprised of children twelve years of age and younger. Thus, Dr. Mosley instituted the Children and Junior Ministry. He also organized the children’s church, which meets each Sunday.

Dr. Mosley has blended education and worship through congregational memorization and recitation of assigned scriptures. Currently, Quioccasin is constructing “A Tool for Ministry,” built to the Glory of God, enhancing fellowship, recreation, evangelism and education in the congregation and the community.

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